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A Hunter Takes Aim

In addition to great fishing, Lake Marion offers 110,600 acres of other aquatic recreational opportunities including boating, swimming, kayaking, jet skiing and simply taking in the scenery and diverse wildlife. For those more inclined to dry land, the area surrounding Lake Marion is a haven for many outdoor activities including camping, biking, hiking and bird watching. Numerous campgrounds and boat ramps border the shores of Lake Marion, as does the 15,000 acre Santee National Wildlife Refuge, home to more than 295 species of wildlife indigenous to this area.

Hunting is also a popular activity in Clarendon County and along Lake Marion with many opportunities for deer, turkey, duck, dove and small game. Farms, swamps and timberland offer good habitats for local wildlife. There are numerous hunting clubs throughout the county on private lands, and public hunting is available on Santee-Cooper lands along Lake Marion and in Wildlife Management Areas.

Deercreek At Wyboo is located in the heart of this lake country region. With its warm winters and moderate climate, all of the many outdoor activities that are part of the lifestyle along Lake Marion and its surrounding woodlands will be knocking at your Deercreek doorstep all year round.


World-Class Fishing


Home to world-class fishing (and fishing tournaments), Lake Marion has been rated as one of the top Bass fishing lakes by Bassmaster. The “Great Lakes” of South Carolina, Lakes Marion and Moultrie, hold the current state record for Largemouth Bass (16.2 lbs) and the former world record for Stripped Bass (55 lbs) plus the current world record for Channel Catfish (58 lbs) and the current state record for Arkansas Blue Catfish (109.4 lbs). You can also cast your line in these celebrated waters to catch record breaking Warmouth, Crappie, Bream and other abundant fish species.

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Boat from Lake Marion to Charleston

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You can boat from Lake Marion to Charleston! As the gateway to the Santee Cooper Lakes System, boaters on Lake Marion can navigate from Lake Marion through a canal/river/lock system all the way to the Intracoastal Waterway, Charleston Harbor and the Atlantic Ocean. You can have breakfast on Lake Marion, launch out for a leisurely trip on your boat while enjoying the unspoiled scenery of South Carolina’s lake country region and arrive in Charleston for lunch. Once you dock in Charleston, your adventure continues when you discover the many incredible sites of this historic antebellum city.

Your Passport to the Intracoastal Waterway

There’s even more! Lake Marion is also your passport to the entire 3,000-mile Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway. From your Deercreek doorstep, you can chart a course, cast off from Lake Marion to distant destinations and enjoy the nautical adventures of a lifetime. On your return voyage, with the memories of your adventures still fresh on your mind, you’ll smile with the knowledge that you are returning home to the heart of lake country and to your home on the golf course in Deercreek At Wyboo.

The New Charleston BridgeBoating on Lake Marion

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